Your child's 1st computational thinking course
An innovative educational platform, specially designed for kids ages 3 to 8
Easy Deployment
The curriculum is easy to deploy. We provide free teacher training and online resources. Even teachers with no prior experience and no background in computer science can master this curriculum quickly. The “unplugged” platform puts minimum requirement on hardware and facilities of the schools (any classroom with tables will work). 
Comprehensive Curriculum
PockeTurtle has a rich curriculum that consists of 3 levels with 150+ hours of materials. The curriculum is based on constructionism which encourages kids to learn through discovery and play. The curriculum focuses on problem solving skill development as well as building kids communication and collaboration skills with collaborative and cooperative game play. 
Innovative "Coding" Platform
PockeTurtle is a tangible “coding” robot that is designed specifically for kids at their early stage of cognitive development, where learning through playing with tangible objects is hugely important. The turtle can be programed with unconventional “coding” tools, such as cards and color pens – which can not only reduce kids' “screen time” but also encourages more physical play.
Why is PockeTurtle your best choice
A friend in the pocket
Color Coding Pen 
A set of coding color pens. We visualize abstract coding blocks into colors, with each representing a command. We visualize abstract coding blocks into colors, with each representing a command.
Coding Puzzle Set 
The "Fruit Garden" coding puzzle is a fun game that not only can help develop a child problem solving skills but also inspire his/her imagination.
Junior Curriculum
Junior curriculum consists: line coding, card coding, music coding, story coding, and puzzle coding.      
Game Board
The "Turtle Island" game board is for 2-4 players. Kids program their turtles to play in many fun competitive and collaborative activities.
Turn left
Turn right
Shift right
Shift left
PockeTurtle is a smart learning companion for young children - to help them learn computational thinking and creative problem solving skills. 
Coding Card Set
A set of paper coding cards, divided into 7 categories of commands.